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practically Manifesting

Have you ever met someone who just exudes positive energy? Someone who has a zest for life that seems to radiate from every fiber of their being? That's the kind of person Andrea Venson, better known as Drea the Artist, is.

I first met Drea at a Wonder Like Wander event in August of 2022. Her vendor station was adorned with a few of her paintings, each one more vibrant and alive than the last. But it wasn't until I visited her studio at Sabine Street Studios that I got a real glimpse into her creative process.

We were just hanging out, chilling and freestyling over an unreleased project when I started filming her. I was drawn to her infectious energy and her passion for her art. As she spoke about her creative process, I couldn't help but be inspired by her words. She talked about how she uses her emotions and experiences to create art that speaks to people, how she draws from the world around her to create something truly unique.

Fast forward to today and Drea and her artwork have been selected by the Kinder Foundation to represent the Jazzy Sunday concert series featuring Houston artist Robert Glasper, Lenora, Hutson Percussion and Friends, Vanguard Collective and many more. It's a huge honor for Drea, and a testament to the power of her art to move and inspire people. And that's just one of the many accomplishments of Drea the Artist.

Drea's paintings are a testament to her vibrant spirit and her love for life. Each one is a unique expression of her creativity, a blend of color and texture that reflects her experiences and emotions. And it's not just her art that's inspiring - it's her infectious energy and her passion for life that truly sets her apart.

CreativeBay talks with Drea the Artist about practically manifesting Dreams. 

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