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Jared Jones is an accomplished video content producer with a background in sports, entertainment, and non-profit organizations. With a talent for creating emotion-driven content that resonates with audiences and strengthens brand loyalty, Jared is dedicated to helping businesses connect with their customers through powerful storytelling.


After spending over 8 years working in sports media, primarily in California, Jared founded CreativeBay to provide top-quality video content production services to businesses of all sizes.

As a video content producer, Jared develops and creates engaging video content that captures the essence of his clients' brands and resonates with their target audience. He draws on his wealth of experience gained through previous roles in sports, entertainment, and non-profit organizations to bring a unique perspective to his work.

In his free time, Jared is an avid music producer, with a passion for creating beats that inspire and captivate his audience. His love for music is evident in his personal project, AUTHORITY, where he has created a series of remixes and beats to soundtrack stories of AUTHORITY as seen from his perspective. Check it out here

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling, Jared Jones is poised to continue making a meaningful impact in the world of video content production.

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